Who We Are

Experts in the tech and IT space, with experience and expertise spanning the last 40 years of the software and systems industry. There is not much we haven't been involved in, seen, provided solutions for and the more complex the better. We have worked throughout the world including UK, Europe, Middle East, China and the Americas and on markets in Finance, Manufacturing, Industry, Airports and Rail. A key specialism has been the integration of everything: smart buildings, smart manufacturing, integrated refineries, smart airports and so forth.

What We Do

Well, we are a boutique technology and IT consultancy, specialising in providing solutions to those tricky and complex techie issues that our customers come across. We like to help our customers make the best out of the tech, IT equipment and applications they have, to meet the demands of their business or individuality. The key element is to get technology working the way you want it to. No project is too great or too small as we have worked on all manner of systems across the world. We can offer straight-forward, one-off support, ongoing, there when you need us or just finding a solution to a problem you have. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service, without jargon and a no-nonsense approach.

Who We Work With

Quite often our customers have been to others and still have issues with their technology or IT and would like a different approach, or just someone who understands what they are talking about and can implement a solution that works for them. As experienced users of all types of computer systems and applications, understanding how they work and their limitations as well as their potential, we can often find a very cost-effective solution that works for you, your business,
your workforce.

We like to take the complexity out of IT and put in place a solution that you can continue to work with and that will evolve with you and your business.

Navigating The Cloud At Work

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Contact Us

Call or email Richard now for a no-obligation chat, to see how we can help.

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